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  • Insist that your trainer be an NRA Certified Handgun Instructor.

  • Insist that your trainer be an NRA Certified Range Safety Officer.
  • Insist on an outdoor range.  Indoor range air is confined, noxious and laden with toxic lead particles.
  • Expect a wash station to remove lead from your hands after shooting and after handling bullets.
  • Expect to shoot in an area specifically designed for that purpose with eye and ear protection provided.
  • Expect appropriate bullet backstops not phone books or boxes full of rags.  Yes, this does happen. 
  • Expect to shoot real, full-powered ammunition.
  • Insist on excellent, personalized instruction at a competitive price.  
  • Insist that the quoted price is the total price--no add-ons for gun rental, targets, notarization, ammunition.
  • Read reviews on TripAdvisor, Google, Yelp and FaceBook.

       Approximately 40% of gun sales in the last 10 years have been to women.  Problem is many are not seeking training to learn how to best use their new guns.  Ladies, we offer a thorough training class at an enjoyable pace and answer all your questions completely.  That's my 100% guarantee.


Training takes place on a private shooting range in an outdoor setting.

There is no nicer environment in Central Florida or Orlando for attaining your gun training.

  You will always get the best possible service and value at Joseph Steed's Archery and Firearms, LLC.



The state of Florida allows Hunter Safety Certification by any one of four means.  One option is to complete half of the training then to complete the remaining training at a firearms skills day offered by state volunteer instructors.  In lieu of the firearms skills day offered by the state, you may receive the firearms segment of your training from a private firearms instructor.  Then present your online certificate along with your private instructor certificate to receive the Hunter Safety Certification.  This can be a valuable and timely option as private instructors may be better able to meet your scheduling needs.


All firearms classes include gun, targets, ammunition, eye and ear protection at no additional cost.

No range fees.
No target fees.
No gun rental fees.
No application fees.
No notarization fees.
No ammunition charges.


By Appointment Only

Hunter Safety Live-Fire Training            2 hours            $60

Designed to meet the live-fire training requirements for Hunter Safety Certification in Florida.  Participants learn gun safety, loading, unloading, and firing of a .22 handgun, .22 rifle, 20-gauge shotgun.  Upon successful completion, participants receive a Certificate of Firearms Training, Hunter Safety Certification Application and notarization services.  The online hunter safety class does not have to be completed prior to this live-fire training class.  For ages 12 and above.  Parent must accompany minors.  Bring proper ID for notarization.

Handgun Basics                        2 hours            $70

For the beginner.  The basics of handgun operation, ammunition, nomenclature, safety.  The two hours is split between classroom time and range time.  A certificate of  Handgun Basics Training is presented upon completion.

Handgun Marksmanship            2 hours            $70

Learn how to put the bullet on target with confidence.  Topics include, grip, sight alignment, sight picture, trigger control, follow through.  With a grasp of the basic concepts and continued practice, virtually anyone can hit the target consistently.  The two hours is split between classroom time and range time.  A certificate of Handgun Marksmanship Training is presented upon completion.

Florida Concealed Weapons License Class            4 hours            $99

Introductory class to handguns, their function, loading, shooting and safety.  Includes the application form, copy of state statutes pertaining to concealed carry and notarization.   Plan on firing 10 rounds from your firearm or from the supplied firearm.  Targets, ear protection, eye protection are supplied with the class.  Please bring valid picture identification for notarization services.  A certificate of training is presented upon completion.  No charge for veterans or for spouses of deployed veterans.  We appreciate your sacrifice.  Concealed Carry classes occur the third and fourth Saturdays of each month.  Check the Calendar page for updates.

Firearms Experience               2 hours           $125

Intended primarily for those who want to experience a variety of firearms in a single day along with a classroom session covering firearms safety, ammunition and marksmanship.  On the range, fire a small-caliber revolver, pistol, rifle and a 20-gauge shotgun under the watchful eye of an NRA Certified Instructor.




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